Medical Marijuana for Seniors

With the legalization of Marijuana nationwide on October 17th, 2018 it’s time to learn about the effects of the drug, especially the medicinal purposes.

Marijuana has long held a stigma towards it, many people associating the drug with “hippies” or “stoners”. The stigma around it has shrouded the beneficial and medicinal qualities of Cannabis. One misconception of the drug in medicinal form is that you would receive the “high” that comes along with it. In certain products like Cannabis oil, cream and pills, the drug won’t give you the “high” that is often associated with it.

These products often will be pure CBD (Cannabinoid), without any THC, which is the active component in producing the “high” that people experience when smoking the drug. In certain forms like the cream, it will alleviate the pain in the area that it is applied, without giving the user any other side effects.

Medicinal Marijuana products are on the rise for seniors.The drug is known to alleviate problems like arthritic pain, sleeping and mood issues. Health Canada Studies showed that in 2013, two thirds of Canadians who were registered to purchase Medical Marijuana used it to treat severe arthritis.

Cannabis is seen as less harmful alternative to prescribing painkillers or opioids which present risks especially dangerous for seniors.Opioids can lead to an increased risk of confusion, falling and worst of all, addiction. There is a low risk for getting addicted and no risk for overdosing on cannabis, as it is not possible.

Prescription drugs can also become very costly for long term use, as they are not covered by universal healthcare. Seniors who were interviewed for a Globe and Mail article were quoted on spending 10$-50$ weekly on cannabis products, generally varying on the severity of their condition.

Cannabis has many medicinal properties, which experts are still studying today. Since it’s becoming legal in Canada, feel free to ask your doctor to see if they recommend medical marijuana as a treatment. Marijuana, without the stigma, has proven to have many beneficial effects, which the government has started to realise.

Kelly Dumas